Laser Hair Removal


Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal?

That answer requires a little background information. Our lasers find the hair follicles to destroy by targeting the hair pigment. Then, the laser damages the hair follicle, which prevents it from creating more hair in the future. The procedure is totally non-invasive, and involves no prods or needles. The laser just goes through the skin and finds the hair follicle on its own.

For total removal of hair, clients generally require more than one session for optimal results. Depending on the area of skin undergoing treatment and how much hair they have, most clients require three to eight individual sessions for the results they want. The length of the session is dependent upon the size of the region being treated, and can last from under a minute to more than an hour. While underarms might only take about three minutes for each session, one treatment for a man’s back hair could go longer than sixty minutes.

Originally, when laser hair removal technology was being pioneered in the ‘90s, the treatments only resulted in full hair removal for people with fairly dark hair and light skin. However, we can now achieve awesome results on people of all hair and skin shades. Here at Premier Laser Spa Of Indianapolis, we treat each session individually, and we’ll match the laser and wavelength to your precise skin and hair type in order to achieve the best results for you.

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Is laser hair removal permanent? What’s the difference between electrolysis and laser hair removal?

While both laser hair removal and electrolysis result in permanent hair loss, there are a number of serious differences. Laser hair removal is significantly faster than electrolysis, which is one of the main reasons it’s more popular. Removing hair by laser generally takes only a few minutes, but electrolysis can take months on end to get rid of the same amount of hair. Electrolysis is also typically a very painful procedure to undergo, while laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. Another factor: side effects and after-care. Laser hair removal can occasionally result in slight redness for an hour or two, but electrolysis can result in blisters or burns, as well as infections.

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How is LaserFast™ different from other lasers?

LaserFast™ hair removal is safer, more reliable, and more advanced than any other available laser hair removal option. Since the late 1990s, when laser hair removal first gained FDA approval, Candela lasers have been the best in the industry. GentleLASE® technology integrates an alexandrite laser with the largest radius available, which makes the process go significantly faster and allows our technicians to efficiently remove hair. In fact, the GentleLASE® laser can cut the time of a laser hair removal session in half! Our Candela GentleLASE® laser is also more comfortable for clients, thanks to a cooling device, or cryogenic device, that makes laser hair removal pain free.

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Which areas can be treated?

You can receive incredible results just about anywhere on your body with LaserFast™ hair removal. Our female clients most commonly choose treatments for the legs, bikini area, face, and underarms, while our male clients typically go for treatment for the face, legs, back, and chest.

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What preparation is needed before laser treatment?

The preparation is fairly minimal, but there are a few things you should know before coming in. Don’t wax or tweeze the hair in the area you’re having treated in the six weeks before your session; shave instead. Our lasers can only pinpoint the follicles to destroy if they contain hair at the time of treatment. Additionally, you should shave the area that will be targeted during your session, because the lasers will be able to locate the follicles more easily.

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What will I look like after the treatment?

As the session progresses, you’ll likely notice your hair falling out and already starting to thin. For the following 21 days, this will continue. In fact, most of our clients see a 20% reduction in unwanted hair after just one session! After this time, we’ll schedule you for additional treatments with four to six week gaps in between, depending on your needs.

Occasionally, some of our clients notice a slight redness in the area that was treated, but it can be easily soothed with an ice pack.

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What should I avoid after treatment?

Stay out of the sun for the first two weeks after your session. If you do plan to spend any time in the sun during this time, use a sunblock of at least SPF 30. Be aware that spending time in the sun in the two weeks after a treatment can result in skin discoloring. Additionally, avoid the use of exfoliating or abrasive body care products, because your skin may be extra sensitive to irritation.

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How much does laser hair removal cost?

When you consider how much money you spend on regular waxing or shaving products, it quickly becomes clear that laser hair removal at the Premier Laser Spa Of Indianapolis is actually a very good investment. Our rates are extremely competitive, and we can even offer discounted package prices to clients who are having treatments performed on more than one area. Premier Laser Spa Of Indianapolis is also happy to offer financing options. We offer interest free financing, and we also accept credit cards, checks, or money orders

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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just call us to schedule your first free consultation. We also provide a 2-year, 100% guarantee so you can be sure that you’ll love your hair removal results. There’s nothing to stop you!

Not sure if you’re a candidate for laser treatments? Use our totally confidential, fast, risk-free online consultation tool to find out.

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